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Lunar™ Air Disc Brake Pads

Lunar Discs

The New Standard In High-Performance, Heavy-Duty Braking.

Available in standard and high-performance options, Lunar™ air disc brake pads deliver shorter stopping distances and exceptional heat dissipation and wear performance to increase roadway safety, inspire confidence and reduce costs. Built and tested to exceed OEM specifications, Lunar air disc brakes help fleets meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety (FMVS) Standard 121 for maximum stopping distances while contributing less weight per axle than similarly performing drums.


Lunar™ HP

  • Friction coating improves out-of-the-box performance
  • Large V-groove relieves surface tension
  • Premium mechanical retention system


  • Groove to relieve surface tension
  • Mechanical retention system

Lunar™ HP Air Disc Brake Pads.

The Premium Option For Extreme Duty.
Lunar™ HP; is the brake pad of choice for severe-duty applications. With its high performance capability, Lunar™ HP; out performs the competition in any application.

Even Tougher.
An advanced wear formula means that Lunar™ HP; brake pads can take frequent stop-and-go driving, heavy loads, steep grades and whatever the road dishes out.

Advanced Design.
Lunar™ HP; brake pads are engineered to excellent deliver stopping power while being less abrasive to the rotor. A specially designed V-groove reduces noise, fade and wear.

Lunar™ Air Disc Brake Pads.

Tested and Trusted.
Perform as well or better than OEM parts according to ECE R90 testing.

Keeping You Safe.
Help meet maximum stopping distances per Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121, even in sustained braking on steep downhill gradients.

Each pad comes standard with anti-corrosion coating and a mechanical retention system to increase shear strength and reduce noise.

Engineered To Take It.
Designed for constant temperatures of 570°F and intervals of up to 1650°F.


For more information on Lunar™ and Lunar™ HP air brake disc pads, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest STEMCO distributor, or order online.